adrienne maree brown wrote that “Matter doesn't disappear, it transforms. Energy is the same way.” She says, “The Earth is layer upon layer of all that has existed, remembered by the dirt.”


Consider this a momentary pause in the long slog of a day. Imagine nudging your fingers beneath the wet soil, or leaning your ear delicately against the earth. You might be surprised at what you hear.


Spore site is a container for the rhizomatic tissues that form our collective consciousness. Its beginnings were humbly curious. Curious in part about the categorical systems that stratify knowlegde. Curious also about the ways that these systems connect us and silo us. And especially curious about what we can learn from those underground. That spores support the germination of their kin and the simultaneous evolution of trees, shrubs and flowers, what can that mean for us?

The answer to this question began with the following prompt: Share a quote, a moment, or an experience that made you feel connected.

*warning // adult content inside*